D O U G  B R E G A                                     


Doug Brega with Andie on Peaked Mountain, Monson, MA


A native of Eastern Massachusetts, Brega attended Paier College in New Haven, CT. He studied under the noted trompe l’oeil artist Ken Davies, who impressed upon him the importance of drawing as a foundation, an approach to painting that was quite out of fashion at the time. A prominent contemporary American realist, Brega is a painter of portraits, New England homes, sailboats, and old weathered barns. His iconography is familiar and well loved; he seeks to convey a deeper reality, to reveal the essence of his subjects. His technical precision combines with an emotional authenticity to create a simple grandeur that transcends the objective reality of the scenes he depicts. Brega cites Andrew Wyeth as an influence on his work; like Wyeth, some of Brega’s most beautiful paintings depict scenes of Monhegan Island in Maine, and demonstrate his facility for capturing the unique light and atmosphere of the region. Brega has achieved a national reputation and has been the recipient of prestigious awards in virtually every show he has entered over his 25 year career. His paintings are part of the permanent collection in several museums, including, among others, the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art and Design in Kansas City, MO; his work is also included in two private collections listed in the top 100 collections in the US. “What I strive for is a precise and honest interpretation, not a mirror of reality or a personal comment about a subject... (They) are sturdy, uncomplicated buildings and homes. The beauty is found in the clean forms and solid function of each architectural element.” - Doug Brega (b. 1948)


D O U G  B R E G A​